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Many entrepreneurs invest greatly in their marketing efforts but do not achieve the desired success. This is because they’ve backed themselves into a corner by taking the usual approach(s). We believe innovation is the key to effective marketing. With Profit Genius, you can separate yourself from the herd and find channels to build customer base quickly.

Who We Are?

Our journey in the erratic world of online marketing began 5 years ago. At first, we were focused on off-page/on-page optimization challenges, site ranking, backlinks, funnels and social media. But growing with experience, we discovered the power of focusing quickly on email marketing.

Digital Marketing strategist are following the same patterns. They are ignoring the most profitable channel that can transform startups into profit making giants. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways and we prove that in my FREE report.
We believe that most businesses have barely scratched the surface with their email procedures. It’s a riskless, free and personalized channel that demands your most attention.

Through the power of email, we can bridge the gap between businesses and customers.


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Get the full inside story in my 24-page FREE report:

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You see, most Entrepreneurs have a big fat mess on their hands as they are clamoring to get on the continuity bandwagon with all possible channels. Everybody seems to be doing the same EXACT thing expecting different results without any innovation. Nothing wrong with this approach…but obviously it gets old.

We truly believe you can acquire quality clients with spending only fraction of cost on email marketing than you would spend on any other challenge and let me prove this to you.

Get the full inside story in my 24-page FREE report Today.

To explain it in a simple manner, we have a three step approach for establishing effective email strategy.

  • We will discuss your business goals and get a clear understanding of your organization’s email marketing goals. We believe in adding value that is completely risk FREE.
  • Once that’s done, we will review your current email marketing strategy and align it with the company’s overall digital marketing strategy.

We will then discuss a strategy that we can be deployed quickly to add to your bottom line.

We write customized digital marketing strategies for different businesses. In just five years, we have helped many businesses make record profits. How? By establishing a rigorous procedure that ensures that only your customers are being engaged, entertained and sold to with each email.  Get the full inside story in my 24-page FREE report and let me prove it to you.

Of course, emails are our core strength, but that does not mean that we are oblivious to the importance of SEO and Social Media. With us, your online presence is covered from every angle.

We believe in writing emails that are so powerful and engaging email, it is like magic. The effect they generate is simply unheard of.  These are custom emails catered to your specific markets.  We follow the footsteps of Gary Halbert and John Carlton along with other big names in the market.

While evaluating your website, we look at your messaging, your business strategy and suggest ways that can add to your bottom line. From technical point of view, we can review search engine optimization, back link strategy, on-page/off-page optimization to ensure you get a report that can help you.

Our SEO services is designed to increase your organic reach. It includes the following:

  • SEO Consultancy: Advice from industry experts on how to attract more search traffic.
  • Backlink Analysis: Examining of the backlinks to your website, removing irrelevant ones to improve the website’s credibility.
  • Keyword Research: Setting the SEO strategy on a clear path through keyword research and improving your organic search results.

Technical SEO: In-depth analysis of the website’s overall structure and fixing any identified errors to optimize the content so that search engines may scan and index your website properly.

Your successes is our success. So make no mistake, we will be with you throughout the process.

From startups in their nascent stages to corporate giants, The Profit Genius caters to all kinds of businesses. Whether its personal finance firms or wellness companies, you name it, we assess your business model and develop a viable online marketing solution.


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